InfluxData Partners VMware to Optimize Time Series Data Collected from IoT Devices

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InfluxData-Partners-VMware-to-Optimize-Time-Series-Data-Collected-from-IoT-Devices InfluxData Partners VMware to Optimize Time Series Data Collected from IoT DevicesInfluxData, developer of open-source time series database InfluxDB, in a recent press release statement on Wednesday, Feb. 6th 2019, announced its collaboration with VMware, a Dell subsidiary that provides cloud computing and platform virtualization software and services, on integrating InfluxData’s technology with VMware’s Pulse IoT Center, an enterprise-grade secure IoT device management platform. The new solution comes embedded with two new InfluxData products — InfluxDB Enterprise and Kapacitor — for optimized handling of time series data from connected devices, IoT sensors, and other edge infrastructures using VMware Pulse IoT.

InfluxDB Enterprise is a time series optimized database and Kapacitor is the real-time stream processor of the InfluxData platform which is used to analyze large quantities of data generated from IoT sensors in real time.

On the other hand, VMware Pulse IoT Center is an IoT infrastructure management and monitoring solution. The solution enables customers to onboard, manage, monitor, and secure IoT systems and connected devices, in its attempt to bridge the IT & operational technology organization gap and provide a quick and simple IoT device management solution.

The said integration of InfluxData’s InfluxDB and Kapacitor with VMware’s Pulse IoT Center is expected to equip companies with dedicated tools which are apt at handling the massive amounts of workload data associated with industrial and enterprise IoTs.

According to Mimi Spier, VP of Internet of Things Business at VMware, with IoT being a new frontier for the enterprise, the ability to operate at the edge is non-negotiable. Adding further she said that the need for edge computing to process data closer to IoT devices outweighs everything else. With the real-time collection of data, visualization, and processing of device metrics and time-series data, the enterprise can get critical insight and a competitive advantage.