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Instagram Live Is Now Rolling Out For The US Users

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Instagram-Live-Is-Now-Rolling-Out-For-The-US-Users-300x169 Instagram Live Is Now Rolling Out  For The US UsersIn order to allow users to broadcast their lives to their followers in real time, Instagram has started rolling out live video features on Monday. A stories feature allowing users to share videos and pictures that disappear after 24 hours is already been introduced by the picture-sharing app. Some users are wondering about the uniqueness of this feature that will differentiate it from the other apps such as Facebook, Snapchat, and others. On the other hand, some users are ecstatic about the ability to enjoy broadcasting their day-to-day moments on the social media app. When a user goes live, the followers will receive notification that is no different than Facebook Live and Snapchat, except Instagram will not store the posts.


Instagram app is slightly different though while compared to the other counterparts. The live post shared on this app will be available for watching until the user is actually live. After that, the post will no longer be available. However, Facebook allows storing the live video as long as the user wants and Snapchat makes the post available for 24 hours. The users can also see live videos on the new platform inside the app. This feature contradicts the counterparts’ features such as Snapchat.