Instagram’s New Story Feature Is Rolling Out Now

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Instagram’s-New-Story-Feature-Is-Rolling-Out-Now-300x129 Instagram’s New Story Feature Is Rolling Out NowInstagram the Facebook-owned photo sharing company has just revealed a new feature that reminds you of Snapchat. Disappearing photos and videos are Instagram’s new addition known as the Instagram Story.


The feature is already rolling out to iOS and Android platform based devices. The photos and videos shared through Instagram Story will vanish after 24 hours. The stories will appear on a bar at the top of the app showing to start your story and also people you follow with recent stories. This is the most deep-seated modification to Instagram in last three years.


Instagram is not aiming to dislodge Snapchat, but to shift some of the usages to Instagram from Snapchat. Snapchat has developed significantly from its early days fleeting messaging app. while Instagram and Snapchat have kept their dedicated features like perpetual and momentary sharing respectively there is absolutely nothing that impedes these companies from user popularized features.


This process of interchanging each other’s special feature started earlier this summer when Snapchat introduced Memories that gave its users ability to store precious memories and now just 27 days later Instagram launched Stories giving the ability to its users to post short-term posts. Developing new and unique features while plagiarizing the best of what worked for others and maintaining the balance is the key.