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Intel Announced Joule Developer Board

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Intel-Announced-Joule-Developer-Board-300x129 Intel Announced Joule Developer BoardWith superior graphics and wireless connectivity on board, Intel has announced its Joule Development Board as a competitor to the Raspberry Pi 3. A 64-bit quad-core Atom processor, DDR4 memory, 802.11ac wireless connectivity and 4K graphics has been integrated with the new Joule Board from the chip manufacturing company.


For smart devices, robots, wearable devices, and drones the Joule Development Board will provide some serious computing power. The board will support Windows 10 IoT core operating System and different versions of Linux just like Raspberry Pi. Intel’s RealSense 3-D camera which can be used for tracking objects, measuring distance, recognize gesture etc. in devices like robots and drones while allowing them to avoid collisions is also supported in the new Joule Development board.


Including Galileo Gen2 and Edison which haven’t been upgraded since years, this is the fastest board by Intel. The company demonstrated the Joule chipset being used in bartending robot and motorcycle helmet but what attracted most viewers is the smart glasses that helps a quality control worker to conduct real-time analysis of a finished product for problems.


However while considering the price the Joule Board has no comparison with Raspberry Pi which is selling at USD 35 unlike the high-end version of the Joule board which sells for USD 369.99.