Intel Brings Commercial Blockchain Package ‘Intel Select Solution For Blockchain: Hyperledger Fabric’

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Intel-Brings_Commercial-Blockchain-Package-Intel-Select-Solution-For-Blockchain-Hyperledger-Fabric Intel Brings Commercial Blockchain Package ‘Intel Select Solution For Blockchain: Hyperledger Fabric’Santa Clara, CA-based Multinational Corporation and technology company, Intel has released a commercial Blockchain package based on the Hyperledger ecosystem, named Intel Select Solution For Blockchain: Hyperledger Fabric. As a member of the Hyperledger collaboration, hosted by the Linux Foundation in conjunction with IBM and key financial institutions, Intel’s new product is designed for businesses that are keen to introduce their own Blockchain fast and efficiently.

The Intel’s Hyperledger ecosystem will be based on the Hyperledger Fabric, a foundation for developing applications or solutions with a modular architecture. Simultaneously, the product will utilize Intel’s hardware, for instance, Xeon processors and Ethernet Network Adaptors. The system has a base configuration, which includes the essential least amount to launch a Hyperledger-driven Blockchain. According to Intel, the pack is enterprise-ready. Intel is not only the company that introduced its own Hyperledger-based blockchain platform. Recently, technology tycoon IBM has also released its own Hyperledger-based blockchain platform in its Melbourne-based Data Center. This move will enable customers to operate their applications on the company’s Cloud. Even, Microsoft also released a Blockchain-development kit in the last year’s November, which is a server-less solution, called Azure. It includes a range of features such as off-chain identity and data, in addition to monitoring and messaging API (Application Programming Interfaces) in an order that can be utilized to expand Blockchain-based apps.

According to the Intel, the system will utilize two Xeon processors with 10 cores each, 96 GB of RAM and a 240 GB SSD boot drive, with 1 TB of data for storage. The product will be scalable, albeit a private Blockchain would not require so much scaling as a public one may need. The solution came at a good time as there are lots of companies now that are quite interested in this kind of technology.