Intel Following The Emerging Market With Its AR & VR Products

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Intel-Following-The-Emerging-Market-With-Its-AR-VR-Products-300x129 Intel Following The Emerging Market With Its AR & VR ProductsVirtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Self-Driving cars have captured the attention of Intel for which PCs are at the center for decades. IDF visitors can try AR and VR headsets, can find robots roaming the floor and drones flying around. Intel will provide insights into its Data Center & IoT strategies which is unlike what the company showed previously such as desktop running upcoming PC processors, blazing-fast laptops etc. Intel started building itself around the fast-growing market i.e. IoT, Servers and connectivity as the conventional PC market start to slow down.


Soon after it abandoned its pursuit of the mobile chip market which costs the company billions of dollars Intel laid off 12,000 employees for rearranging. FPGAs (Field Programmable Field Arrays), IoT, VR, machine learning is what the company will be showing at IDF this year. It is expected that Intel will demonstrate the upcoming Kaby Lake chip as a successor to its currently available Skylake chips as the release is close. Though it won’t spend much time in this section and will concentrate on the emerging market. HP and Acer are currently in process to manufacture the Kaby Lake incorporated products whereas Lenovo and Acer will announce their Kaby Lake products ahead of IFA which is going to be held in Berlin next month.