Intel New Broxton Chip Targeted At Virtual Reality

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Intel-New-Broxton-Chip-Targeted-At-Virtual-Reality-300x129 Intel New Broxton Chip Targeted At Virtual RealityIntel Atom chips have come a long way since Tim Cook, CEO of Apple thrashed the Atom-based netbook for underperforming and junky hardware. Boston boasting code-named is the most impressive improvements. Targeted at robots, wearable, drones and smart home devices the new Atom T5500 and T5700 chips have low-end PC processors features. Though the chips can be used in AR & VR as it is capable of decoding and encoding 4K videos.


The chip can be used in storage and media server said Intel as it demonstrated a smart motorcycle helmet, a bartending robot and a smart glass embedded with Broxton chips at the Intel developer forum. Intel said it will stop developing Broxton chips as it discarded the Atom chip lineup for smartphones abruptly. But the company appears to have changed its mind. The growing market of IoT and Virtual Reality is in the line with the target market of the Broxton chips. Broxton can be used in specialized enterprise tablets but there is a very less possibility that the manufacturers will embed the new Atom chip into the thumb-stick size PCs.


Over the few months, the company has lowered its efforts on the strategy of using the Atom chips. According to a report, the new IoT chips will support Linux, Android, VxWorks real-time OS, Windows 10 desktop, Windows 10 IoT core.