Intel Optane 905P SSDs is now expanded to 1.5TB

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Intel_Optane_905P_SSDs_is_now_expanded_to_1.5TB-300x166 Intel Optane 905P SSDs is now expanded to 1.5TB
Intel officially launched the next wave of Optane SSDs, where it continues a gradual rollout of higher density drives in their production of 3D XPoint memory that has a huge demand. Intel’s flagship consumer SSD family runs between Optane SSD 900P and 905P, from where the latest 905P with higher capacities was established with improved performance and power efficiency.
The modified M.2 version of the Optane 905P that was previewed at Computex which is going to release soon and the specifications are now shown on the 905P product page. These 1.5TB U.2 drives are the first products to use BGA packages of eight 3D XPoint dies with the capacity of 128GB per package where it is potentially used to deliver a 750GB. Here power consumption is rated high for 380GB M.2 with 11.7W during write operations but M.2 connectors have a maximum of 4.5A across all the 3.3V supply pins, for a limit of 14.85 W.
The discontinuation of the 800P paves the path for the consumer counterpart in setting P4801X, an M.2 form factor where Intel tends not to put such a product in 905P product line having the capacities of the 100-200GB range that will boost up the 800P while still remaining somewhat affordable. M.2 hardware is a 110mm-long double-sided card, so it cannot be fit physically in laptops and similarly incompatible with few desktops.