Intel Targets Its New Atom Chips At IoT Devices

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Intel-Targets-Its-New-Atom-Chips-At-Iot-Devices-300x129 Intel Targets Its New Atom Chips At IoT DevicesThe next generation of chips from Intel are targeted towards self-driving cars, drones, and IoT devices as they current atom chips are making their way out of mobile devices. Low power consumption and more emphasis on visual computing and graphics the new Atom chips will retain the focus of the lineup. The chips that will be used for the drone, car and robot maneuver and also recognize objects will be announced at the Intel developer forum next week. According to the company’s technical session description at IDF the chips will be integrated into the devices with company’s 3-D RealSense camera and there is also a possibility of them being used in the low power VR headsets.


RealSense is expected to the main announcement at the developer’s conference alongside other announcements as the company lays out its AR and VR strategy. Remote EyeSight the Microsoft HoloLens equivalent will also be displayed by Intel. Remote EyeSight is a set of AR smart glasses used for remote collaboration.


The company didn’t provide information on any details or underlying architecture on the next generation Atom Chips. But the chips are expected to be based on the Broxton architecture, comprehended by Intel initially as a way to rapidly design and release new Atom chips to catch up with market leader ARM.