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Intel To Animate The Sky With Drones

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Intel-To-Animate-The-Sky-With-Drones-300x129 Intel To Animate The Sky With DronesJust like a firework display, drone shows can be fun to watch. An army of hundreds of drones moving in a coordinated fashion is something that Intel has done recently. But now the company is taking that show to another level. As a part of the Starbright Holidays, aerial light shows Intel is planning to put 300 drones in the sky for a month. The show will run in Orlando, Florida during the holiday season in Walt Disney. The drones will create animation with the help of LEDs creating a 4 billion-color combination in the night sky. Much like the firework show, it hosts every day this will be just another attraction. Intel is holding a Guinness World Record by flying 500 drones in chorus in a one-off show. However, it will be a different kind of challenge to run the show for a whole month. Senior vice president and general manager of Intel’s New Technologies Group, Josh Walden said Intel could fly as many drones as he can in a coordinated fashion.


The company’s homegrown Shooting Star drones will be used in the show. Intel is not selling this model as a commercial product. However, drones like the Falcon 8+ is offered by the company.