Intel to Trade Its Cyber Safety Segment

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Intel-to-trade-its-cyber-safety-segment-300x129 Intel to Trade Its Cyber Safety SegmentIntel the company we know for making chips for our computer and mobile devices is pondering about selling its security business. Intel will start making chips for cloud computing and took the step to avoid any further distraction from the task at hand.


Intel acquired McAfee in the year 2011 for US$7.7 billion to bake some security features into its chips. The cyber threats being a concern the company decided to secure its chips designed for personal computers, servers, mobile devices and automobiles for the safety of its customers back in the year.


According to a report, Intel is discussing with bankers about the future of its security business for a deal of about the same price with which Intel brought it or greater. Either way, this is going to be one of the biggest deal in this sector.


Hardware-based security is dynamic for the future of computing and Intel has a decent security ability. Considering the fact that security is significant for the future of IoT, it seems Intel will keep some security capabilities for itself. The security sector was always a point of interest for private equity buyers.


There will be a 12,000 approx. layoffs by 2017 announced Intel earlier this April.