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Intelligence Apps Are Changing The Way We Use Data

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Intelligence-Apps-Are-Changing-The-Way-We-Use-Data-300x129 Intelligence Apps Are Changing The Way We Use DataThere is a paradigm shift in the Information Technology very often. Some of the instances are theadvent of client/server computing, cloud computing, development of web-based apps, thetransition from command line to graphical user interface and recently the mobile explosions.


The productivity and operations were hindered with each of these shifts and now we are going to see another, the development of intelligent apps.


Intelligence apps are supported by machine learning and artificial intelligence. In the last decade the availability and access to large about of data mammoth growth in the processing power and advanced statistical techniques a.k.a deep learning have powered the machine learning to take big steps. Machine learning actually enables machines to learn from the tasks they do and nowadays machines are matching the 95 percent human efficiency.


SAP has developed a wave of five intelligent apps in May and is planning to do more in near future. Developing the apps doesn’t take much time as the machine learning intelligence is incorporated into it. This does help in reducing both the cost and time in the business process. Intelligence apps can change the way we use data while allowing us to transform the data to something of value much more easily.