Intelligence Chief Ensures that Robots will not replace Cyber Spies’ jobs

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Intelligence_Chief_Ensures_that_Robots_will_not_replace_Cyber_Spies’_jobs-300x150 Intelligence Chief Ensures that Robots will not replace Cyber Spies’ jobs
Technology such as AI and Machine Learning system has rapidly growing these days and it’s raising questions among the folks that AI will replace humans, after using these technologies in the workplace. The director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats stated at The Citadel military college in Charleston, S.C that AI and ML will progressively assist the Intelligence Agencies to parse the behemoth troves of data they gather, however, humans will still require to analyze that data for insights and make sure that not control by remote hackers.

Dan points out regarding the impact of AI on hiring that young hackers and data miners gunning for a job in the Intelligence group don’t need to worry about automatons taking their jobs. Now the issue is there has a lot of demand for these kinds of capabilities together with Cybersecurity and so on, so we have supplied. The military’s wide-range aim with AI is to collect insights from satellites and additional signals intelligence sources where the data is now too large to be effectively analyzed. Dan stated that whatever info AI and Machine Learning will provide to the agencies there is the capability to sort out essential; however, in the end, any decision has to be made related to that info won’t be made by a machine or robot.

Dan committed that no one has wanted to depend on an automaton because it will be hacked; human decision and experience are totally different and no one can teach them. Therefore, more numbers of jobs available in Intelligence Agencies.