IntelliView rolls out Software Update for its IVS IIOT Analytic Vision Platform

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IntelliView-rolls-out-Software-Update-for-its-IVS-IIOT-Analytic-Vision-Platform IntelliView rolls out Software Update for its IVS IIOT Analytic Vision PlatformIntelliView Technologies, a Calgary, Alberta-based provider of video analytics solutions for industrial surveillance applications, as per recent reports, has reportedly rolled out the software update for its IIOT monitoring platform – IntelliView Vision System (IVS) 5.0.

As per the statement by IntelliView, the new version release is compatible with both new and existing systems, along with the Dual Camera Analytic Modules (DCAM), and also constitutes backend system upgrades to improve detection capabilities as well as interface updates to enhance remote event validation.

The IntelliView system, with its further improved processing engine efficiency, is capable of handling sophisticated analytic functions, such as cross camera correlation. This improvement further increases the system’s detection accuracy, thus significantly reducing the chances of false alerts. The IntelliView system can instantaneously detect, qualify, and report on user-defined events, such as above-ground oil and wet gas leaks, acid and hazardous liquids, security breaches, flare stack flame failures, and wildlife intrusions.

“The expectations and dependence on artificial intelligence for automating condition monitoring operations are higher today given the performance standard demanded by safety-conscious operators and industries, such as oil and gas and mining,” stated Chris Beadle, VP, Sales and Marketing, IntelliView. “The improved analytic capability and reliability delivered by the IVS 5.0 provide site managers value through significantly minimized nuisance alerts and faster offsite validation of events, helping them achieve their HSE goals and optimize operations cost-effectively.”