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Intel’s 22-Core Xeon Chip Shows 5% Increase In CPU Performance

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Intel’s-22-Core-Xeon-Chip-Shows-5-Increase-In-CPU-Performance-300x129 Intel’s 22-Core Xeon Chip Shows 5% Increase In CPU PerformanceAMD has put the CPU performance increase back on the list with the forthcoming Zen chips. Intel has tweaked it top of the line 22-core Xeon E5-2699 v4 chip in order to squeeze 5 percent more performance from it. 5 percent doesn’t look like more but while running thousands of servers on the chip it matters. Four-socket servers can have up to 88 CPU cores and run up a 20 percent increase in performance improvements. VR content and engineering content like SolidWorks can be created with the new chip while used in workstations with latest GPUs. Intel is concerned about the CPU performance of which the new chip is a sign. A 10 to 20 percent boost in CPU speed can be observed with every new chip. A 72-core Xeon Phi chip code-named Knights Landing are now being tweaked for artificial intelligence uses.


Although the question remains whether Intel can accomplish the 40 percent improvement claimed by AMD with its Zen chip. The Xeon E5-2699A v4 runs at a clock speed of 2.40GHz and has 55MB of L3 cache. Its cache allocation is more efficient and has incorporated networking, storage, and I/O support. Intel targeting to release new server chips based on Skylake towards the middle of next year that will also boost performance gains. However, the company is slow in releasing new architecture chips.