Intel’s AI-powered Camera To Stop Illegitimate Poaching To Protect Wildlife

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Intel’s_AI-powered-Camera-To-Stop-Illegitimate-Poaching-To-Protect-Wildlife Intel’s AI-powered Camera To Stop Illegitimate Poaching To Protect WildlifeSemiconductor maker, Intel has announced that its Artificial Intelligence-powered software chip, known as Movidius, will be incorporated into non-profit RESOLVE’s new anti-poaching cameras in Africa. The company’s latest upgrade is called TrailGuard AI.

TrailGuard AI, with Intel’s Movidius chip, will incorporate deep network algorithms for object detection and image processing. TrailGuard AI will perform as a motion sensor; it means that if humans are identified, guards will be warned in near real-time of poaching warnings. Director of biodiversity and wildlife at RESOLVE, Eric Dinerstein stated that the Intel’s Movidius VPU enabled his company to revolutionize TrailGuard AI by furthering AI to a proven end-to-end solution to stop illegitimate poaching globally. He also said that to offering the AI tech, Intel engineers worked closely with his company to create an experiment and optimize this absurd anti-poaching solution that will compose a real distinction in saving animals. Further, as per noted by Executive Director at the Leonardo Di Caprio Foundation, Justin Winters, there is presently a poaching epidemic in Africa. An elephant is killed every 15 minutes by a poacher, and a rate of nearly 35,000 elephants per year.

According to the Intel, TrailGuard AI came as an upgrade to RESOLVE’s first-gen TrailGuard camera. The latest AI-enabled camera with Movidius intends to provide improved precision, battery life durability and is pencil sized that means it is easier to conceal and camouflage from poachers and wild animals. To implement the latest system, the non-profit is working together with numerous companies, as well as the National Geographic Society and the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.