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Intel’s Kabylake And Appololake Chip Teaser By HP

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Intel’s-Kabylake-And-Appololake-Chip-Teaser-By-HP-300x129 Intel’s Kabylake And Appololake Chip Teaser By HPNo matter how much HP tried but couldn’t keep Intel’s unreleased KabyLake and ApolloLake CPU chips a secret within. In the maintenance document of HP’s new unannounced PC Pavilion X360 M1 convertible PC possibly configured with be configured with the dual-core Core i3-7100U running at 2.40GHz, the chip draws 15 watts of power and has 3MB of cache the company mentioned the details of new Intel’s chips. With performance and multimedia improvements from the current Intel’s SkyLake chips, the Kabylake will be released this quarter and will be called the 7th generation Core chips.


Other companies like Acer, Lenovo will be announcing the devices with KabyLake chips at the IFA trade show towards the end of the month while Asus has already announced a tablet with the same chip. A basic insight into the capabilities of other KabyLake chips was provided by the i3-7100U chip details. High definition video decoding, DirectX 12 for gaming and HD graphics 620 processor are built into the KabyLake chips.


But there is also a possibility that the Pavilion X360 M1 will be given the ApolloLake (Pentium or Celeron chips) which is also extremely power efficient with a consumption of only 6 watts. The architecture originally designed for Atom chips was used in the ApolloLake chips.