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Intel’s Mote IoT Chip Can Tell If Fragile Packages Are Safe

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Intel’s-Mote-IoT-Chip-Can-Tell-If-Fragile-Packages-Are-Safe-300x129 Intel’s Mote IoT Chip Can Tell If Fragile Packages Are SafeA simple tag attached to the package to be delivered will be able to determine if the package was handled with care or not. These tags might be available not very far in future without needing a battery if Intel continues to follow through the project it demonstrated at the Intel Developer Forum this week. The label might also be disposable after the package was delivered. The company demonstrated this tag which can detect motion and output on a chart in real-time on August 16, 2016.


This kind of IoT device which will benefit enterprises in everyday work but they might not yet aware of its existence. With power coming from an unlicensed standard network a real-time graph was generated by sensor readings showing the package handling is demonstrated by Intel. The company calls this oversharing tag a mote. The IA-32 mote is a tiny chip that can be lost in a jar of pepper. Motion, temperature, and other sensors will be incorporated into the Intel’s Quark architecture chip that will become the brains of a tag someday.


1 milliwatt is needed to power the mote which can be harvested from radio waves bouncing around. For instance, a trailer full of packages can be powered with the Wi-Fi in the truck.