InterSystems Releases New Version Of HealthShare Provider Directory Module

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InterSystems_Releases-New-Version-Of-HealthShare-Provider-Directory-Module InterSystems Releases New Version Of HealthShare Provider Directory ModuleInterSystems, a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based industry-leading vendor for database management, has released the new HealthShare Provider Directory, 2019.1 version. The HealthShare Provider Directory provides a single source of accuracy for provider demographic and professional relationship information. According to InterSystems, wrong telephone numbers or addresses, or choosing an out-of-network provider, can limit patient access to care and result of large medical bills.

To eliminate these possibilities, InterSystems developed the HealthShare Provider Directory module, a master data management solution which automates the process of gathering, consolidating, and publishing accurate provider information. The HealthShare Provider Directory module allows users to more easily fulfill the regulations, advance customer service, and enhance the efficiency of any business process that needs up-to-date and correct provider information. InterSystems, as part of the HealthShare 2019.1 release, also renamed its flagship HealthShare product module, HealthShare Information Exchange, to HealthShare Unified Care Record to better imitate the robust functionality of the technology.

Vice President of InterSystems HealthShare, Don Woodlock stated that Interoperability and information exchange are hot topics now, but technology can do better than simply moving data around. If these government initiatives are going to be the foundation for innovation in healthcare, organizations need to aggregate information and build upon a true unified care record – then put the data to use to improve the patient care experience, drive down costs, and improve the health of populations. He further added that at InterSystems, we are committed to providing solutions that drive care coordination with enhanced intelligence to meet caregiver and patient needs.