ION Divulges Latest Update Of Its SaaS-delivered Aspect CTRM Solution

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ION_Divulges-Latest-Update-Of-Its-SaaS-delivered-Aspect-CTRM-Solution-For-Scripting-Customization ION Divulges Latest Update Of Its SaaS-delivered Aspect CTRM SolutionThe largest global provider of trading, analytics and risk management solutions for commodities and treasury management platform, ION announced the accessibility of Aspect 18.3, the next release of its CTRM software (Commodity Trading and Risk Management), with latest advanced scripting customization for better informed, more efficient and customized trading support.

Manager of Risk Control of Unipec America, Eric Yu stated that the scripted report is a useful tool to make lithe reports that fulfill an assortment of business requirements. He further said the reports have the ability to shape the system matching his business procedure demands, offering an alternative, more efficient choices. Aspect supports the widespread processes and workflows utilized by most energy and commodity trading firms, delivering real-time, multi-site visibility of revelation, risk, P&L, inventory management, logistics, and accounting. Aspect’s existing built-in scripting functions, across the trading houses of all sizes, from established heavyweights to fast-growing start-ups, allow clients’ own IT teams to develop a variety of custom workflows that support their exclusive ways of purchasing, selling, shifting and storing commodities through the supply chain. The latest version of Aspect 18.3 comprises Scripting Libraries and a Scripting Profiler, and by embracing together, it allows users to more easily make and manage their customized solutions. Libraries allow compound scripted activities to be stored for reuse, while Profiler enables in-house IT teams and Aspect specialists to stress-test scripts built to solve blockages and boost performance.

According to the CEO of Aspect, Steve Hughes, Aspect is inimitable in the way to support trading houses that crave to perform things their own way, and not be bind to slow and costly customizations by external suppliers. In version 18.3 the company has added two key new elements to the scripting toolkit that more give power to businesses to utilize the distinctive functionality that Aspect allows them to build.