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iOS 10.2 Improvements Overview

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iOS-10.2-Improvements-Overview-300x129 iOS 10.2 Improvements OverviewIncluding new emojis, new TV app, asuperfluity of bug fixes and a dash of new and superior features Apple has released iOS 10.2. Settings > General > Software Update is one way to get the 360 MB update and iTunes is the other. Replacing the video app is the new TV app for the US users. The TV app incorporates a variety of video content from a plethora of apps such as HBO NOW, iTunes, and Starz. Users can access all the sources except the Netflix that is not yet supported in the app. “Up Next” list is where users can add the shows they are following. This will help users keep track of the programs and synchronize with multiple Apple devices such as the tvOS 10.1.


For the users outside the United States will continue to get the Videos app. Including Clowns, Bacons and Whiskey Apple has added over 100 new emojisfor those who like to communicate using them. The iOS 10’s HomeKit improvement will be appreciated by those who are into home automation. In addition, Bluetooth performance and third-party device connectivity are improved. This improvement will help not only with HomeKit sensors but a range of other devices as well.