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iOS 10 Rolled Out, Bugs Vitiate Many Devices

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iOS-10-Rolled-Out-Bugs-Vitiate-Many-Devices-300x129 iOS 10 Rolled Out, Bugs Vitiate Many DevicesApple rolled out iOS 10 operating system yesterday. After the upgrade, a number of customers have complained about the iOS 10. In some cases, the operating system vitiates the devices or failed to install and in the process asked for the urgent connection to the iTunes-equipped computer. Some users have had this kind of problems and the device showed a notification that an error has occurred and a restore is necessary which in turn downgraded the device back to iOS 9.3.5. Some users wrote in Apple’s Support Forum that the iOS has completely spoiled its own upgrade.


On the social media with the Apple Support account on Twitter is swarming with reports of failure of update of the iOS 10. The Apple Support account tweeted, “We are currently looking into this issue”, to address this matter. The company said they have a brief issue with a short number of customers regarding the update process during the first hour of availability and issue has been identified and corrected. If the problem still persists with any user, they can connect to the iTunes to complete the update or can contact Apple Care. This kind of issues is not very rare for Apple. The company has a history of such in recent past.