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iOS 10 Voice Transcription Is Funny And Imprecise

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iOS-10-Voice-Transcription-Is-Funny-And-Imprecise-300x129 iOS 10 Voice Transcription Is Funny And ImpreciseApple has brought the issue that anyone who is familiar with the automatically-generated subtitles on the Video blogging site YouTube came up to be to its iOS 10. Asking a computer define the human conversation can lead to hysterical outcomes. It is no doubt a great feature while it comes to going through long conversations but be sure to face the consequences. Some people have learned about this the hard way.


The company informed that with any voice reorganization service there will be hiccups and their voice mail transcription is still in beta. To help improve the further voicemails the company asked the users to provide feedback regarding the transcription and direct the audio file Cupertino. Whether the words frequently used on a particular device are associated with the autocorrect settings or not is not yet clear particularly. And it is also possible that the individual’s speech pattern might have influenced the iPhone’s transcript of an unclear message. The American English version of Siri can’t catch all the words from the George Carlin’s seven words you can’t say on television while the British counterpart of the application does showing Apple does tailor its speech models.