IoT Has A Growth Rate Higher Than Cellular Devices

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Iot-Has-A-Growth-Rate-Higher-Than-Cellular-Devices-300x129 IoT Has A Growth Rate Higher Than Cellular DevicesThe US mobile operators are adding IoT connections to their networks faster than phones. This lone fact can scatter any doubts regarding the existence of IoT. According to a report, cars are getting connected to cellular networks quicker than anything else. Taking a look at the numbers 1.4 million cars, 1.2 million phones, and around 900,000 tablets are now connected to the network in the US.


AT&T the largest carrier in the US has connected more cars than both tablets and phones combined together. The car companies in order to monitor the cars condition, update software onboard and avoid expensive recalls are adding cellular connections to the new models. Consumers are taking a little time to use the cell services in their cars.


When it comes to cellular IoT connected cars are not the only ones. Fleet management and tracking shipping containers are some of the advanced services. Some smart home appliances like lights and smart city appliances like parking meters are also there. Around the world, a few operators are offering IoT services such as Vodafone and China mobiles. For the first time in the second quarter the mobile data three-quarters of mobile carrier’s revenue.