IoT Management Will Not Be Easy

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iot IoT Management Will Not Be EasyIoT management is going to be very difficult to manage for a long time and various vendors have promised to help you manage the high tide of IoT devices as it is expected that these will never reach the steady state of the mobile management. Flood of IoT devices will not be coming from all quarters as it is evident from the early days of mobile BYOD but in the case of IoT devices, you what you have will be hard to manage. IT vendors freaked out at all the variants that they have to support while there are android smartphones, windows phones, WebOS phones Windows Mobile devices, Blackberry devices and iPhones. In the world of IoT, there will be light switches, door locks, Bluetooth location sensors, comm badges, thermostats, elevator stop regulators, heat sensors, alarms, conference gears, security cameras and a zillion more products and sensors will be available.


Android and iOS the operating systems coalesce. API used by both these operating devices have high overlap. Therefore, to manage all these devices from a single panel of glass using a dependable set of controls has been set up by the management vendors. Now even adding the MacOS computers and Windows 10 computers to the equation the exception and variability management will be good.