IoT: Next Step in the Information Age

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IoT-Next-Step-in-the-Information-Age IoT: Next Step in the Information AgeThe Internet of Things (IoT) tech is everywhere today, from third world households to modern smart homes, the IoT has a strong foothold in our day to day lives, from approaching the front door and tapping the screen of our smartphone to unlock it, through to walking past our hallway or kitchen which are fitted with IoT sensors that automatically sense our presence and turns on the lighting, to smart toaster automatically toasting perfect after work bagels. The IoT has already proved that its hear to stay, but luckily, there is much more to this emerging technology than just perfect bagels and automatic lightings. The tech goes beyond the mere indulgence scenario.

Today, the prime focus of IoT developers is not just to ease our efforts, but to make us more efficient and productive as individuals, groups, or communities. Technically speaking, the idea of IoT is to have a uniformly connected world of devices that can access the internet and communicate among each other at will.

The potential of IoT will only grow as the days come by and further advancements in the technology. With these advancements, the computing power of devices will increase expanding their abilities and capabilities to perform tasks, and as they become more and more efficient and powerful the potentiality for smart companies, smart cities, and smart homes increases exponentially.

Further, with advancements in mobile technology, and evolution of networks will further bring in innovations challenging the creativity of developers to utilize the IoT gathered data and computational resources to build revolutionary apps, putting our entire lives at our fingertips, making our smartphone, the hub to the outside world.