IoT Security, a Concern

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IoT-Security-a-Concern IoT Security, a ConcernEarlier, we only had to worry about telephone or computer security, but now with a plethora of network-connected devices constantly surfacing in the markets, the attack surface has enlarged quite a bit. Today, in many IoT deployments, security risks far outweigh the convenience these IoT devices provide. Many of these devices either come with hardcoded passwords or lack the basic minimum security due to manufacturers’ rushing to market approach, to gain an edge over the competition.

Although technological advancements and internet connectivity boost productivity, it can be catastrophic to turn a blind eye on the possibility of a cyber attack.

Modern vehicles and home appliances come with internet connectivity, thus they can interact with the network and exchange data. Adding the remote monitoring and control capability to these devices provides more data, which can be gathered and analyzed to gain actionable insights.

With the Information technology industry developing at a much fast-paced, bringing innovative technology and solutions, even hackers and other bad players are increasingly leveraging these advanced techs to steal information, from enterprise networks to disrupt businesses for monetary gains or to have an edge over its competitors. Thus, it is critical for enterprises, to boost their security, and take effective cyber attack countermeasures, which includes upgrading their servers latest software, training their team of individuals for best network use practices, to prevent future attacks.