IoT – Talking Building: WiseState announces new Building Operations Management Chat Service

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IoT-–-Talking-Building-WiseState-announces-new-Building-Operations-Management-Chat-Service IoT – Talking Building: WiseState announces new Building Operations Management Chat ServiceIn a recent set of events, WiseState, a building automation and intelligence solution provider, has announced a new feature called “Talking Buildings”, as part of the company’s Bopstem solution, which enables building managers and communication teams to engage in chat discussion with their respective buildings about the operations, via WhatsApp or Telegram.

The newly announced IoT “Talking Buildings” feature is being leveraged by the Hyatt Regency London—The Churchill hotel, by employing both wireless and wired sensors, to collect building operation data such as the functioning of building’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system.

Launched earlier in 2018, the solution enables facility managers to get a clearer picture of building equipment functionality. WiseState has gone a step ahead this year, enabling users to access building data by enabling a communication link with the buildings. The new feature, dubbed the “Talking Building”, enables managers to use mobile phone chat services like WhatsApp or Telegram to enquire technicalities about a structure’s functions. Moreover, the new feature also prompts a written comment or graphical response from the system.

The challenge level for response further escalates when it comes to buildings like hotels, which consists of hundreds of individual guest rooms. These many rooms mean managers have to stay on their toes to keep a close eye on any potential failures before they even or can occur. These challenges further quantify, “given the limit resources managers have and the need to serve different areas with very different requirements in terms of guests’ comfort,” says Jose Luis Cardenas Duenas, WiseState’s product director.