IPsoft reveals its conversational banking solution –“1Bank”


IPsoft-reveals-its-conversational-banking-solution-–“1Bank” IPsoft reveals its conversational banking solution –“1Bank”IPsoft Inc., a New York City-based world’s largest privately owned artificial intelligence (AI) firm, as per recent press reports, has unveiled its first conversational/voice interaction banking solution, in its bid to simplify banking to meet humans’ ever-evolving expectations.

The conversational solution called “1Bank” currently supports interactions in English and is powered by IPsoft’s virtual assistant Amelia. The AI firm claims that 1Bank’s intelligence is the result of IPsoft’s 20 years of research and development work.

According to Chetan Dube, CEO at IPsoft, 1Bank is IPsoft’s most human-like digital experience in the marketplace, built on experience and knowledge gained by serving six of the world’s leading banks with conversational AI. With the 1Bank offering, IPsoft will be able to provide a personal round the clock banker to banks’ customers providing a unique personal banking experience, allowing them to make insightful decisions.

The 1Bank solution is strategically designed to answer FAQs and independently resolve customer queries based on their needs. IPsoft also claims that the 1Bank solution is apt at understanding the customer intent and thus can accordingly switch context, mid-conversation. For instance, 1Bank can offer advice on unpaid utility bills, proactively notifying customers of incoming ordinary bills and communicating them a reminder of any insufficient funds, making a money transfer and prompting customers for a response if they wish to set up payment for the bills when they are due.