IPVideo Corp.’s HALO IOT Smart Sensor Wins Two 2019 Govies Awards at ISC West 2019

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IPVideo-Corp.’s-HALO-IOT-Smart-Sensor-Wins-Two-2019-Govies-Awards-at-ISC-West-2019 IPVideo Corp.’s HALO IOT Smart Sensor Wins Two 2019 Govies Awards at ISC West 2019IPVideo Corporation, a Bay Shore, NY-based leading open platform easy-to-use physical security solutions provider, as per recent reports, has won the 2019 Govies Government Security Award in below-mentioned categories: Emergency Communication Systems & Intelligent Communications for their HALO IOT Smart Sensor.

The HALO IOT Smart Sensor, with its unique IoT sensing ability and event-based trigger alerts, provides security in areas with privacy concerns, where traditional security cameras and solutions are not practical or allowed. HALO, employing multiple sensors together in a single intelligent platform, learns, analyzes, and creates event alerts. Earlier, when the HALO system was designed, its sole purpose was to detect vaping and other audio analytics, in the company’s attempt to combat the vaping and active shooter epidemics in K12 schools. The solution has since come a far way, addressing multiple areas of concern within government agencies and campus facilities.

“We are excited to announce that HALO, our multi-sensor IOT device, will provide government security staff an elevated level of situational awareness that was not previously achievable. HALO provides real-time alerting to security personnel in areas that are not conducive to cameras such as bathrooms, offices and locker rooms in addition to providing alerts in areas that cameras are traditionally installed. The integration into Video Management Systems such as Milestone and Access Control Platforms like Gallagher is a true game-changer for security personnel,” stated IPVideo Corporation President, David Antar, who will be accepting the honor at ISC West 2019. “In this age of tight government budgets, the HALO IOT Smart Sensor allows security teams to provide improved security with less staff and investment.”

“For the past ten years, Security Today and GovSec have hosted The Govies, and I have been amazed at the innovation and technology entered in this product contest. Truly, manufacturers are ramping up their research and development, bringing top-quality solutions to the government vertical,” stated Ralph C. Jensen, editor in chief of Security Today and GovSec magazines and securitytoday.com. “The high number of entries we receive each year corresponds with the need to provide better security options not only at the federal level but also at the state and municipal levels of government. I believe these products and solutions only prove that the government relies heavily on the technology advances in the private sector.”