Iris in partnership with Telaeris introduces the iCAM M300 Portable Handheld Biometric Solution

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Iris-in-partnership-with-Telaeris-introduces-the-iCAM-M300-Portable-Handheld-Biometric-Solution Iris in partnership with Telaeris introduces the iCAM M300 Portable Handheld Biometric SolutionIris ID, a Cranbury, New Jersey-based global provider of iris recognition technology, as per recent reports last week, has introduced its multimode iCAM M300 handheld biometric platform, offering gateless access control, time and attendance, and employee mustering for both the commercial and government customers.

Iris’ new biometric platform functionalities have been possible, all thanks to the embedded XPressEntry software from Telaeris, a San Diego, California-based real-time personnel tracking solutions provider.

The iCAM M300 portable biometric enrollment and identification solution is an ideal choice for law enforcement agencies and other border control and national ID programs. Being built on an Android mobile platform, the iCAM M300 provides its users the ability to extend their door-mounted iris readers by employing a Cloud-based mobile server that automates syncing all users, access, and activity related data.

“The addition of the Telaeris XPressEntry software enables us to add important new functions for our commercial and government customers,” states Mohammed Murad, Vice President Global Sales & Business Development, Iris ID. “The iCAM M300 is now ideal for virtually any use requiring mobile identity authentication.”

The iCAM M300 is equipped with embedded cameras that facilitate simultaneous capturing of both iris and facial modes. Moreover, the camera’s optional snap-on module offers an FBI-compliant 500DPI, single fingerprint collection.

The camera is compatible with magstripe and contactless cards, as well as MRZ readers offering seamless verification of ePassports. The camera comes equipped with all the recent communications protocols such as NFC, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and 4G LTE.

“It is exciting to partner with Iris ID to provide a powerful handheld solution for iris authentication,” states David Carta, CEO, Telaeris. “Iris ID’s multimodal device, combined with XPressEntry from Telaeris, allows security integrators and end users to easily integrate mobile iris identification technology into their existing physical access control infrastructure.”