Is Apple Entering In Blockchain Technology Space?

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Is_Apple-Entering-In-Blockchain-Technology-Space Is Apple Entering In Blockchain Technology Space?Blockchain technology in today’s industry has created some wonders, as more participation by companies is growing day by day. Recently, tech giant Apple has also tried and submitted a filing with the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission and it is supposed that this document contains the details regarding the concern that the tech firm is working on Blockchain technology. In this technology space, the U.S. SEC plays a vital role.

With Apple’s submission, the buzz spinning around that Apple is entering the crypto space and has also enriched a topic to debate. And with this news, it can’t be overlooked that there is some plan in the idea of the company which is related to Blockchain technology and if this occurs, it could be a catalyst for the crypto space in its bear marketplace. Moreover, there was news that the company held the internal committee and the board of RBA last year. That is mainly in news because of the presence of the Blockchain team. Many trade analysts predicted that some important topics and projects related to the Blockchain could have been discussed during the meeting.  Apple has also filed a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, where the company mentioned regarding the creation of an application that could certify the timestamps by utilizing the Blockchain technology.

This application can be used to develop and store the timestamps by using the Blockchain to secure susceptible elements like SIM used in mobile phones or microSD which carries the credential and information of a person if any single node is hacked by some measure, according to the company. Thus, analysts anticipated that Apple is taking a huge interest in technology. It would be Apple’s first product that supports Blockchain in any means if this patent gets approval by the concerned committee.