Is IoT a Disruptive Technology?

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Is-IoT-a-Disruptive-Technology Is IoT a Disruptive Technology?In the near future, everything will be connected over the internet, even one’s daily chores and routines. When one wakes up early in the morning, the smart home assistant, will sense the wake-up and automatically heat up some coffee, toast the bread in the toaster, and automatically turn on the geyser, to prepare the bath for the smart home user. While the individual is off showering, the assistant will pick an outfit that matches the occupants’ weekday preferences, and prepares them to get ready for work.

When the user is all set with daily chores and breakfast, a smart self-driving automobile stops at his/her doorstep, with a set temperature, to match the users’ preference, playing a user selected list of songs, chosen specifically for the journey to the office. The automobile then zooms off at blazing speed to the office, while the user prepares for day’s tasks in the vehicle. At office cafétaria, user orders sandwiches or coffee pays via NFC without ever taking out the wallet or payment card for payment, and walks out hands-free without any bills or receipts, the bill automatically gets delivered to his/her email account.

Work resumes, as the day goes by, the user heads out to a plant, as he/she works at an automobile parts manufacturing factory, to check the status of the manufacturing order. The plant is run by a network of robots which handle multiple manufacturing tasks on the factory floor, from preparing raw materials to final assembly of the product. The user instructs plant manager of the number of parts needed, the plant manager then feeds the said info the plant assistant which controls the network of robotic arms, in the morning, the said quantity will be ready, and both user and plant manager can lay back and have peace of mind from task completion deadlines.