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Is it really safe to use algorithms?

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Is_-it-_really_-safe_-to-_use_-algorithms-300x186 Is it really safe to use algorithms?Now with the Government leaders are experimenting with algorithms, artificial intelligence and other mathematical processes to provide a large range of acknowledging needs and the ways to accomplish them. This is now possible with the use of certain tools that to be acknowledged as not so perfect in the usage patterns.

The “Ethics & Algorithms Toolkit” which is known in providing help to local governments in understanding the implications of the algorithm which is clearly articulate and a potential risks thread caused during the identification of ways to mitigate. The risk management structure was first created by the Center for Government Excellence (govex) at Johns Hopkins University, the Civic Analytics Network at Harvard University, the city and county of San Francisco and Data Community DC. Later these Algorithms often helped in the decisions making based on historical data that has been verified with a potential of injection and a bias into the decision-making process and can probably lead to a threat.

Just to remember, before using an algorithm the government officials have to first identify the number of citizens affected by it and how, when this data that is informing the algorithm is collected. See if the algorithm will provide the decision making recommendations and also whether the algorithm’s output can be audited in the future.

The toolkit is questioned with a number of queries so as to help provide various ways in the mitigation of concerns that arise. It can be used to describe characteristics of low-, medium- and high-risk historical data actually used for training and decision-making by the algorithms and also offers different ways to identify issues and solve them effectively.