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Is Thin Solar Panel The Future Of Drone Fortitude?

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Is-Thin-Solar-Panel-The-Future-Of-Drone-Fortitude--300x129 Is Thin Solar Panel The Future Of Drone Fortitude?A Silicon Valley company has developed thin-film flexible solar panels, which when incorporated into the drones they can stay in flight for longer than it is ever possible with conventional batteries alone. As a Bramor ppX developed by Slovenia’s C-Astral Aerospace, the panel sheets from a Sunnyvale-based company Alta Device can stick to the top frame of the drones. On Thursday, the two companies said the usual flight time of a conventional drone i.e. 3.5 hours could be extended to 5.5 hours with the addition of six solar panels as they show off a version of the drone.


A C-Astral Aerospace Bramor ppX LRS drone with solar panels from Alta Devices is on show in Las Vegas. A commercial version of the drone is in the commotion list of the two companies. Alta Device said in a statement that efficiency is the key factor when it comes to solar panels and a thin panel with less efficiency is of no worth. However, in Alta’s case the thin solar panel claims a 31.6 percent of efficiency. The company commented drone makers could get away with fewer than half the superficial area of panels at one-quarter the weight of rival thin-film solar panels.