Iteris bags TMC contracts for Two California Cities

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Iteris-bags-TMC-contracts-for-Two-California-Cities Iteris bags TMC contracts for Two California CitiesIteris Inc., a Santa Ana, California-based global leader in applied informatics for transportation and agriculture, turning big data into big breakthrough solutions, as per recent reports this week, has bagged in two new contracts to supply Traffic Management Center (TMC) design and integration services for two prominent cities in the state of California.

The two new contracts that in total amounts to more than $1 million, deal with providing design, integration, and operations services to the City of Inglewood and the City of Glendale’s traffic management centers (TMC). The contracts are a definite step ahead for Iteris, translating the expansion of its operations in a core economic marketplace.

The two contractual programs will be employing the company’s latest smart city solutions to meet the future demands of these cities’ transportation systems, along with improvements in traffic safety and travel efficiency for all road users. The new projects, by integrating data from the Internet of Things (IoT) devices into central traffic management hubs, will further improve the operation of the local roadways.

Both programs aim at ingesting data from the Internet of Things (IoT) devices into central traffic operations hubs, to better their understanding and anticipation of traffic-related issues with a prime focus on improving road safety and efficiency for travelers. Iteris’s transportation systems business unit takes care of all necessities the public and private entities, including local city agencies, counties, institutions and state Departments of Transportation (DOTs) may need, with comprehensive TMC solutions that beholds every concept from design to installation, configuration, and staffing.

“The cities of Inglewood and Glendale are demonstrating their commitment to finding smart city solutions to improve traffic safety and efficiency in these thriving Southern California transportation networks,” stated Scott Carlson, Vice President & Assistant General Manager of Transportation Systems at Iteris. “We look forward to leveraging the expertise from our TMC implementation and staffing engagements across the country to resolve the issues facing freeways and arterial roads throughout the cities of Inglewood and Glendale.”