iXpand, the memory expansion case from SanDisk

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SanDisk_iXpand_Memory_Case-300x129 iXpand, the memory expansion case from SanDiskYou don’t have to buy a protecting case and a memory expansion separately. Yes, you heard it right, SanDisk launched its new iXpand Memory Case. SanDisk has taken care of yore storage needs for years and it again came up with an innovative solution.

The ever growing music, photos and app collection will always fill up the internal memory no matter how big it is. The iXpand comes in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB at $60, $100, $130 respectively. Considering the fragile nature of iPhones, the fact that the storage is built into a protective case is a boon in disguise. Users have to download an app to access the extra storage space available. The app also allows users to automatically backup photographs. The iXpandwill connect to iPhone via the lightning port.

The surprise doesn’t limit to this only, there is a 1900 mAh battery option as well for a price of $40. The extra battery pack will boost the original battery life. This battery pack can be removed when not needed.

SanDisk iXpand is not the first of its kind, but taking into account its versatility in storage space size and removable battery pack this product is a great multi-tool.