Job Hunters are about to get eminently benefitted by Google New Job-Hunting Tools

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Google_Latest_Job_Search_Enguine-300x180 Job Hunters are about to get eminently benefitted by Google New Job-Hunting ToolsGoogle brought up some new job search tools, especially for military veterans and their families who are looking for work. This new feature is readily available and enables job hunters where they can search for “Jobs for Veterans” and then enter specific military job codes (MOS, AFSC, NEC, etc.) to find civilian jobs with skills similar to those they used in the military.

Matthew Hudson, a program manager for Google Cloud who served as an U.S. Air Force civil engineer, mentioned in a statement that, “Our technology helps veterans understand the full range of opportunities open to them across many different fields also enabling them to know if a business is veteran-owned in a new Google My Business feature, which shows up on Google Maps and Search mobile listings.

He also stated that, this is brought up as a part of Google’s five-year, 1billion commitment to help offset how technology is rapidly changing the workplace and eliminating jobs here in the U.S. and globally, Hence the “Jobs for Veterans” focus could also be beneficial to job seekers and eventually helps veterans find better jobs will likely also be good for Google’s business, as it seeks to attract even more jobs-related advertisements. By this Google solves a particular problem for veterans which is a seeking transition to civilian work in reference to their “common language” that matches military experience with civilian jobs and as a result 1 in 3 veterans – of the roughly 250,000 service members who get out of their services every year end up taking up a Job.

Google is also making the veterans job search tool function available to other employers and job boards as a part of its further development including Clouds Jobs API which were already using in companies such as FedEx, Encompass Health and Siemens, with job search services such as Career Builder
Hudsan concluded by saying that, Google is also giving a $2.5 million grant to the United Service Organizations (USO) to provide IT training and career guidance along with Google IT Support Professional Certificate for veterans who are interested in learning digital skills, as “Google is committed to creating opportunities for everyone, and with today’s announcements, we hope our technology helps civilians life a little bit easier”.