Johnson Controls Introduces new Detect360 Active Shooter Response (ASR) System

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Johnson-Controls-Introduces-new-Detect360-Active-Shooter-Response-System Johnson Controls Introduces new Detect360 Active Shooter Response (ASR) SystemJohnson Controls, a global diversified technology and multi-industrial leader with North America operational headquarters at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as per recent reports last week, has announced its new Detect360 active shooter response (ASR) system. The system, combining the industry best gunshot detection and notification technology, offers immediate shots-fired warning when a gunshot incident happens within a building.

According to the company, the new Detect360 system, with its early notification and precise location warnings of the shooter, gives occupants the precious time needed to find safety, thus enabling the police and security personnel help mitigate the active shooter threat up to 60% faster.

“During active shooter incidents, witness communication with law enforcement is often confusing and erratic, leading to longer incident duration,” states Thomas Connell, Senior Manager – Life Safety, Johnson Controls. “With the ever-increasing threat of active shooter events, having a system that provides early and accurate gunshot detection combined with clear, precise communication is now a necessary part of a life safety strategy for any building.”

The new Detect360 ASR system comes equipped with acoustic sensors with multiple microphones, that provide it the ability to detect the gunshot sound. The camera’s inbuilt system then, using advanced algorithms, interprets and analyzes the acoustic signature to confirm if the sound was produced by a gun or not.

Using the closest acoustic sensors, the system is then able to pinpoint the location of the shooter on a map-based graphical user interface (GUI) that has both audio and video display capability of the incident. By providing building occupants with safety and evacuation instructions, the ASR system automatically communicates the situation on to the emergency services and mass notification systems.

Furthermore, the Detect360 system also gives the situational information, as it develops at the scene, for the first responders to act accordingly. Information such as exact location from where the shot originated, number of shots fired, location of the shooter in near real-time, are all shared with the first responders.