Johnson Controls unveils the Illustra Pro Gen3 Mini-Dome Camera with Smart Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) capability

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Johnson-Controls-unveils-the-Illustra-Pro-Gen3-Mini-Dome-Camera-with-Smart-Wide-Dynamic-Range-WDR-capability Johnson Controls unveils the Illustra Pro Gen3 Mini-Dome Camera with Smart Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) capabilityJohnson Controls, a global diversified technology and multi-industrial leader with North America operational headquarters at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as per recent reports this week, has announced a new addition to its Illustra Pro family – the Illustra Pro Gen3 mini-dome camera with smart wide dynamic range (WDR) capability, allowing it to optimize video quality and minimize the configuration time.

The Pro mini-dome camera, with its varied availability options, offers a complete range of image resolutions and lens choices, and thus, it sits perfectly with a wide variety of deployments in both medium and large-sized facilities.

The camera auto adjusts contrasting and overall scene balance (owing to its smart WDR capability), eliminating the need for manual intervention, where operators had to pitch in and regulate contrasts and other image characteristics. Moreover, the camera, with added configuration profiles, reduces setup times. According to Johnson, profiles such as retail, gaming and indoor/outdoor scenes are pre-configured in the camera, that easily facilitates auto-adjustment of camera settings based on the environment, by a simple click of the button. Another attractive feature is the camera’s capability to auto-adjust settings as per the desired mount, for ceiling or wall.

“The smart technology embedded in our latest generation of Illustra Pro cameras automates picture tuning and ensures that what you see is always dynamically optimized even in changing scenes and lighting conditions. We are aiming to reduce operator setup and management costs while always delivering a perfectly configured picture,” states Ric Wilton, director of product management for Illustra. “Adding intelligent, automated capabilities to our solutions is core to our product design and the Illustra portfolio.”