Joint Warrior Exercise Conducted By British Navy To Test Autonomous Capability


British-Navy Joint Warrior Exercise Conducted By British Navy To Test Autonomous CapabilityJust how far can a robot be pushed in a military exercise is been tested by the British Navy. As a part of a broader military exercise called Joint Warrior, the operation Unnamed Warrior 16 is an opportunity for the defense industry and allied nations to show off their maritime autonomous system. The systems involved in this exercise are less offensive considering the fire and forget torpedo, which is around since World War II. Including underwater vehicles, rigid inflatable boats, and unmanned helicopters, around 50 crafts are taking part in the exercise this week. Mine countermeasures, surveillance and intelligence gathering like tasks will be taken over by them.


Some of the craft are operational out of the British Underwater Test and Evaluation Centre on the coast of Scotland. For the UK Ministry of defense the center conducts year-round tests and during the exercise, the center will demonstrate themes like mine hunting, hydrographic survey and command, and control. Remus 100 and Remus 600 are among the crafts taking part in the exercise which have the capability to locate mines using SONAR and when the other crafts are out of direct radio range of the base Blue Bear Blackstart, fixed wing unmanned aircraft will serve as a communication relay.