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Karma Recalled By GoPro

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Karma-Recalled-By-GoPro-300x129 Karma Recalled By GoProLate night on Tuesday GoPro has a little news that it shared with the world. The company has announced the Karma drone recall that rolled out in the late October. The Karma drone was reportedly being losing power during flights. However, this has affected only a small number of cases but GoPro felt the need of a total recall. The company is not going to give you a new one in exchange either. The company has promised a full refund instead. Even though the Hero5 camera and Karma grip are not the part of the recall but the users has to return it all in order to get the refund. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Federal Aviation Authority are working with the company for the recall, announced the company. There have been no reports of property damage and injury caused by the malfunction of the drone. GoPro has said that the Karma will take flight again as the issue resolves.


GoPro took so long to come up with a drone of its own is a surprising fact. Since the company has posted a sparkly quarterly result with the product out, they have a high hope from the product. However, it is certain that the company will be offering a drone in recent future.