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Keeping Promises Made In E-mails Is Now A Lot Easier With Cortana

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Full_Desktop_Screenshot_Just_Commitments_Expanded.0-300x129 Keeping Promises Made In E-mails Is Now A Lot Easier With CortanaA new feature that will make Cortana remember the promises a person make through the e-mails and remind them at the right time has been announced by Microsoft recently. The promise might include some project that the person promised to finish in a record time or may be a promise that someone made to his or her friends. Cortana using the advanced machine learning systems can now detect inevitably the fact and remind you before it’s too late. The company said there is not much that has to be done in order to make Cortana remember and remind. As of now, the personal assistant with this feature is only available in the United States with Windows 10, Office 365, Outlook.com and school e-mail ids. However, Microsoft mentioned that it would expand to iOS, Android and other e-mail ids including Gmail in the future updates.


The personal assistant can also recognize text messages. As all this work is been done in the background the new feature will be incredibly helpful. The company mentioned in a statement that as the users keep sending e-mails Cortana would just keep on recognizing and saving the suggested reminders in the background. Cortana will ping you and save it in the action center before any specific reminder for deadlines.