Kidde’s Smoke Alarms are now “New UL Standard” Compliant

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Kidde’s-Smoke-Alarms-are-now-New-UL-Standard-Compliant Kidde’s Smoke Alarms are now “New UL Standard” CompliantToday, with a plethora of smoke alarms out there in the market, it can really get messy for one to pick the most suitable for their cause. The nuisance these smoke alarm users are currently facing is the issue that certain detectors are unable to differentiate between the actual smoke from a charred roast in the oven and a genuine, life-threatening, house-fire smoke.

But that’s about to change, all thanks to the new UL safety standards that are about to take effect this time next year.

The UL Standard for Smoke Alarms, UL 217, 8th Edition, clearly dictates that smoke alarms need to be able to differentiate between cooking smoke and actual fire emergencies — a move that will eventually make smoke alarms an effective life-saving tool. In an announcement, it has been made clear that all UL-Certified smoke alarms must meet the new UL standards by May 29th, 2020.

Kidde, a Mebane, North Carolina-based pioneer in early smoke detection and fire suppression solutions, claims to be one of the first smoke alarm manufacturers to receive the new UL standard certification. The company reportedly attributes all this achievement to its TruSense sensor. The TruSense tech employs a more sophisticated detection methodology – as smoke particles enter the smoke chamber of the alarm, the size of the smoke particle is analyzed by a series of algorithms, which when consolidated into ratios determines if or not the particle has stemmed from an actual fire or a nuisance source.