KVH reveals the World’s Fastest 1 Meter Ku/C-band Maritime VSAT Antenna for Seamless & Fast Connectivity at Sea

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KVH-reveals-the-Worlds-Fastest-1-Meter-KuC-band-Maritime-VSAT-Antenna-for-Seamless-Fast-Connectivity-at-Sea KVH reveals the World's Fastest 1 Meter Ku/C-band Maritime VSAT Antenna for Seamless & Fast Connectivity at SeaKVH Industries, Inc., a Middletown, Rhode Island-based communications equipment manufacturer, in a recent press release statement on Thursday, Mar. 28th 2019, announced the launch of “TracPhone [(R)] V11-HTS”, the world’s fastest 1 meter Ku/C-band maritime VSAT antenna that is specially built to cater to the fast internet demands of maritime vessels. The TracPhone [(R)] V11-HTS is capable of delivering 20 Mbps download/3 Mbps upload speeds to commercial maritime vessels all around the world.

The fast internet i.e. data speeds are critical for maritime vessels such as commercial ships, for daily operations, Internet of Things (IoT) applications, and crew connectivity. Moreover, maritime vessels like Superyacht, that ferry guest, have a huge demand for faster internet to allow guests enjoy fast connectivity for streaming HD video content and accessing the Internet and social media on the go at sea.

“With the TracPhone V11-HTS, we continue to bring innovative solutions to the maritime market, enabling commercial vessel operators to take advantage of the many benefits of VSAT, such as IoT applications and business efficiency, while yacht captains can offer guests onboard KVH’s fastest connectivity at sea,” explains Martin Kits van Heyningen, chief executive officer of KVH. “From our advanced mini-VSAT Broadband [sm] HTS network to our 24/7 tech support, our superior connectivity solution makes broadband at sea seamless.”