Kx Partners H2O.ai to Provide Key Insights on Time Series IoT Data

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Kx-Partners-H2O.ai-to-Provide-Key-Insights-on-Time-Series-IoT-Data Kx Partners H2O.ai to Provide Key Insights on Time Series IoT DataH2O.ai, the open source software provider for big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML), and Kx, the software provider of the world’s fastest time-series database, kdb+, in a recent press release statement on Tuesday, Feb. 5th 2019, announced entering a strategic partnership to integrate Kx’ technology with H2O Driverless AI, an ML platform.

The ML platform is apt at performing data scientist functions and combines automatic feature engineering, modeling, visualization, and interpretability skills within a single platform. While kdb+ powered Kx technology facilitates large-scale streaming and data-analytics for both real-time and historical data. The technology has wide implementations in the financial services industry for complex analytics on trading data, and the manufacturing industry which often deals with a high volume, high-velocity time series IoT data.

With this integration, the machine learning and data science platform will have a much-extended ability to process the huge amount of data quickly, which will further enable these platforms to quickly identify AI models and perform more optimized predictions. The strategic partnership announcement follows Mark Sykes’, CTO, Kx, keynote entitled “Bringing Wall Street’s Secret to H2O Users,” at H2O World San Francisco on Tuesday, Feb. 5th, 2019.

According to Brian Conlon, CEO, Kx, with this partnership kdb+ will have the capability to drive both AI and data science solutions, by leveraging H2O.ai’s ML expertise, to implement them into practical use-cases. This will further enable organizations to gain key insights from huge databases to attain a competitive edge in the market.