Landis+Gyr & Sense Announce Partnership to Offer a Next-Gen IoT Energy Management Solution

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LandisGyr-Sense-Announce-Partnership-to-Offer-a-Next-Gen-IoT-Energy-Management-Solution Landis+Gyr & Sense Announce Partnership to Offer a Next-Gen IoT Energy Management SolutionLandis+Gyr and Sense announced entering into a partnership agreement on Wednesday, Jan. 16th 2019, to enable utilities to offer a wide range of home energy management services to consumers, redefining the energy monitoring experience. As per the said partnership now the Landis+Gyr’s Gridstream® Connect IoT platform will come integrated with the Sense’ technology, i.e. the Sense home energy app, which monitors and measures energy consumption, will now come with an upload option to the Connect IoT platform within Landis+Gyr’s advanced meters.

With this uploading, the Sense app will redefine the energy motoring experience to energy consumers, by providing a user interface that helps in: Improved efficiency – the app enables energy consumers to monitor in real time their energy consumption and discover ways to save on their energy bills; Reliability and security – consumers will also be able to remotely view the turned ON status of electrical devices and get maintenance related alerts of critical appliances; and Energy Demand response – with detailed, and nano-classified real-time energy information, both consumers and utilities can better manage peak demand timings, reduce generation and transmission costs, and make the power grid more reliable.

According to John Radgowski, Vice President of Portfolio Management at Landis+Gyr, the Sense application is the best example to demonstrate how the IoT platform brings business value to utilities and consumers, alike. The Sense app utilizes the distributed computing power of the company’s advanced meters and devices and offers unmatched benefits without the installation or maintenance of additional monitoring hardware.