Ledger to Showcase Its New Bluetooth-Enabled Hardware Wallet at CES 2019

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Ledger_to_Showcase-Its-New-Bluetooth-Enabled-Hardware-Wallet-at-CES-2019 Ledger to Showcase Its New Bluetooth-Enabled Hardware Wallet at CES 2019Ledger, a hardware wallet firm that secures crypto assets, in a recent statement on Monday, Jan. 7th 2019, announced the launch of its new Bluetooth-based wallet. The wallet, dubbed “Ledger Nano X,” will be showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show –CES 2019, to be held on Jan. 8th to Jan. 11th 2019, at Las Vegas Convention Center. Furthermore, Ledger also confirmed that its mobile app will go live on Jan. 28th 2019, facilitating users to remotely manage their transactions and check their wallet balances from a mobile device.

The new Bluetooth based wallet will be capable of storing 100 crypto assets. Looking at Ledger’s timeline prior to the “Ledger Nano X” announcement, we see that last year, by the end of Nov., the Ledger Nano S included support for altcoin Monero (XMR). Earlier, in Oct., Sony announced to have built a similar contactless crypto hardware wallet using the IC smart technology but didn’t mention further details onto when the product will be launched. But, Sony did mention that the product would be capable of managing private keys to store private information on the blockchain. Earlier in the summer of 2018, the firm reportedly sold over 1 million wallets in 2017, which attracted much interest from industry giants like Samsung, Google’s venture arm GV, and Siemens. In Dec., a team of researchers demonstrated that the Ledger’s hardware wallet had some vulnerabilities, that as per their allegations allows them to install any firmware on the wallet. Responding to the team’s vulnerability claim, Ledger published an official statement mentioning that those vulnerabilities were not critical and that the team’s hacking methods were unpractical.