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Lenovo Announced Smart Glass C200 At The CES 2017

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Lenovo-Announced-Smart-Glass-C200-At-The-CES-2017-300x129 Lenovo Announced Smart Glass C200 At The CES 2017With a device running on Linux and proposed use for enterprise use case Lenovo is entering the Augmented Reality and Smart Glasses segment in the CES 2017. Smart glasses, which were propagated via the Google Glass initiative, have not gained adhesion in the consumer market, but companies such as Osterhout Design Group and Vuzix have initiated a bevy of use cases in the enterprise. Lenovo is looking forward to a user-friendly wearable experience with the Smart Glass and the combined pocket unit along with an LTE connection. The Glass C200 is targeted at the business customers and it resembles Google Glass. The Glass C200 is designed to leverage the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality said the company in a statement. The company anticipates the Smart Glass to be a big boom on a small screen wearable.


The pocket unit and Smart Glass are included in the modular unit of the C200. The Glass Entity weighs in at fewer than 60 grams and uses one eye. The mixed reality approach will be enhanced with the approach mentioned a report. The Glass Unit uses an app and plugs into the Pocket Unit to boost performance. There are also attachments to move the units on belts as well as in a pocket.