Lenovo gets into the on-premises cloud game with ThinkAgile CP

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Lenovo_-gets_-into_-the_-on-premises-_cloud_-game_-with_-ThinkAgile_-CP-300x166 Lenovo gets into the on-premises cloud game with ThinkAgile CPThe gala time of Lenovo with its product line “ThinkAgile CP” that consists of Lenovo ThinkSystem hardware and Cloudistics software popular to be the Composable Cloud or cloud-in-a-box, is now seeing a lot of success. Going through its attributes, the cloud multi-tenancy has made organizations enable a better backdrop.

Ok, let’s just recall it as a hyper-converged system which works out of the box, while operating inside a data center similar to that of a cloud service provider. ThinkAgile CP Cloud Controller is designed with computing, storage, and networking to connect the IT administrator inclining to spin up multi-tenant provisioning in just a few clicks. ThinkAgile CP offers pre-configured or specialized for aiding organizations that can programme personalized applications. Just a new database development environment spins within a click, to create a complete DevOps atmosphere.

The ThinkAgile CP Series is featured with fully integrated high availability, backup, remote replication, usage metering, live help and support with multi-layered and multi-tenant security midmarket being its target market where enterprises and customers seek for responsive development methodologies with the use of private cloud ecosystem over the public cloud.

Management of the ThinkAgile CP is performed with the Cloud Controller, a SaaS-based portal which will enable admins to manage their ThinkAgile CP environment from any location.